Starting in January 2011, we held our first BBX field-wide monthly safety meeting. Partners and vendors were invited and encourage to attend. The meetings were attended by an average of around 80 participants, representing several companies within the Oil and Gas Industry. Each month we share key topics on SAFETY in presentation and open forum discussion. This new and innovative approach has brought forth valuable information in a setting where so many can benefit from it. BBX believes in the family approach to building the TEAM that carries out the daily tasks of BBX Operations, putting great value in safety. This would include all BBX personnel and many others who partner to get the job done and get it done safely. BBX deeply appreciates and values all those that have stepped forward to sponsor a safety presentation. We look forward to many more in the future.  Needless to say, being on the border of Texas and Louisiana, we have and will continue to enjoy outstanding cooking by the many lunch sponsors. 

We have instilled a better sense of safety in East Texas, and it is very clear industry-wide where BBX stands in regards to safety: We are committed to getting the job done with safety being the number one priority. We are committed to being a leader, with innovation, in raising the bar in industry standards on safety. We welcome and appreciate all those that will join us in the effort to raise safety awareness, striving daily to know more, do more and be more when it comes to protecting life and the quality of it. SAFETY, mine and yours should never be REQUIRED! SAFETY, mine and yours should always be DESIRED!


“Safety is first and foremost in every job we do”

Our personnel all wear fire resistant clothing at locations where flammable materials are stored or produced. Our personnel are trained to respond in case of an incident. We have instilled an ethic of being prepared.